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Safe Spaces Workshop in CRP

Capoeira al-Shababi believes that everyone and anyone can save a life

Capoeira al-Shababi conducted two days of training to volunteers working in CRP’s center in Hashemi Shamali, East Amman.

When families escape war and resettle in foreign countries, it is not only hard to move forward as a community but also for children and youth to process and heal from the violent experiences they witnessed.

Capoeira al-Shababi supports children directly with psychosocial support activities, as well as offers training to local youth who are committed to the same vision.

The local youth who came to this workshop spend their time with children from Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Sudan who now live together in East Amman and frequent CRP’s After School Club. These volunteers assist activities that help children to feel safe, to talk about what happened in the past and to imagine a better future.


Capoeira al-Shababi trainers started off with the some live music in order to create a positive environment and ensure everyone feels present. A big part of capoeira activities consist of encouraging youth to feel safe and positive inside the classroom, and bringing them into the present moment through sound, movement and touch.

The first session consisted of a discussion about trauma, the body and the brain. Many of the youth volunteers immediately understood many symptoms of traumatic stress, as it has become so widespread among host communities in Amman.


The youth were asked to work together in designing specialised activities for the children they supervise, along various themes that Capoeira al-Shababi focuses on.

The creative problem-solving team designed an incredible activity with three straws, asking the group how they can make them into 6. The self-expression team handed out small pieces of paper and asked everyone to draw their feelings about the workshop.

On the second day, all the volunteers were keen to share their experiences working with refugee children. A discussion about how to conduct safe spaces led into an activity where the volunteers anonymously provided advice and feedback about a particular challenge they each found in their work.

Capoeira al-Shababi is striving to bring communities together and build the capacity of everyone to provide care and support in Jordan. Sometimes all it takes is a generous smile and someone to talk to.

One of Capoeira al-Shababi’s groups in CRP’s After School Club, November, 2018.

One of Capoeira al-Shababi’s groups in CRP’s After School Club, November, 2018.

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