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Our Programmes


Training of Trainers

Capoeira al-Shababi prioritises building the capacity and sustainability of our programs among the local community in Jordan. That is why we focus on Training of Trainers (TOTs) who will learn how to use capoeira as a tool for psychosocial support and wellbeing for children, youth and beyond. We believe that local role models and community support is the best way to achieve and sustain our mission to create spaces for psychological healing, community networks and developing life skills among children and youth.

Our TOT programme enables local members of the community to conduct capoeira PSS activities of their own. Capoeira al-Shababi trains young adults in Capoeira, as well as class and PSS activity management, Child Protection, data management and referrals. This exponentially increases our impact in local communities, as well as increasing local empowerment and sustainability of our projects.


Our TOT model

Phase 1: Capoeira skills training

Phase 2: Methodology training

Phase 3: Practical training - each TOT coach conducts PSS sessions with assistance and mentorship of Capoeira al-Shababi trainers

This model increases the impact of our programming, ensures project sustainability, and empowers local youth to take ownership of their community's needs.

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PSS Activities 

Capoeira al-Shababi Trainers deliver sessions of capoeira for PSS to groups of 15 - 25 students. These sessions are ongoing, 3-6 month projects that develop life skills, encourage safe spaces and heal stress, anxiety, depression, and social isolation.

Using activities targeting body awareness, expression, creativity, live music, and much more, the children grow in confidence, sociability, tolerance and happiness.

These sessions run for a minimum of 3 months, which is necessary to develop positive changes in the students' behaviour as well as increasing social cohesion among students and their communities.




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za'atari refugee camp, peace oasis

Capoeira al-Shababi provides capoeira PSS activities to Syrian children in LWF's Peace Oasis. This project targets both boys and girls aged between 9 and 19. Our experienced Capoeira Trainers develop the children's life skills and conduct activities that are healing. 

Our programme in the Peace Oasis also involves TOTs alongside our activities for children and youth so that local trainers can continue the project giving psychosocial support and life skills.

“I have trained other sports like judo and karate before, but capoeira is different. In capoeira mind and body work in synchrony. It feels like your mind expands. This feeling comes from the group when people complete one another.” Male TOT Student
“Before I was upset and annoyed. I felt I had negative energy inside me, I was lost, I did not know where to go. I tried writing, but it did not help. Capoeira helped me.” Female TOT Student
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za'atari camp, makani center, D8

Capoeira al-Shababi provides capoeira for PSS sessions with girls and boys aged 12-16 in Relief International's center in Za'atari Camp. The girls here have developed a strong passion for music and the power of singing to express.

“I used to have a short temper with  my friends, anything they would say I would explode, I would just turn against them, but now I am more relaxed.” Female Student

The boys developed their physical abilities and body awareness, learning key life skills of communication and confidence through these activities.

“To be honest, the first thing I learned is courage. I didn’t used to be like this. Now I see this kid doing things… and I say ‘I’ll do it, why am I scared?’ Now I have courage in any movement that I’m doing…” Male Student
me and yildiz.JPG
 Capoeira session with boys 14-18 in Relief International's Makani Center, Za'atari refugee camp.

Capoeira session with boys 14-18 in Relief International's Makani Center, Za'atari refugee camp.


we also provide

  • Capoeira demonstrations, workshops and 'fun days' for kids, adults, teachers, and field staff - Capoeira demonstrations can be a fun, interactive component of events and workshops for humanitarian workers and others.
  • Staff workshops for team-building - Capoeira al-Shababi have experience using activities to build trust, teamwork, expression and mindfulness that is useful for all kinds of work.
  • Training workshops for Psychosocial Support - Capoeira al-Shababi can provide an active and hands-on training for field workers and teachers dealing with children and youth who would like to increase their capacity to provide psychosocial support through recreational activities. 

If you are interested in any of these activities, please get in touch!