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Want to volunteer with Capoeira al-Shababi? 

Capoeira al-Shababi is regularly seeking assistance in the fields of:

  • Arabic - English translation
  • Media and Communications
  • Assistant trainers working in the field
  • Grants management
  • Photographers and videographers
  • Specialists in arts, play, and dance therapy
  • Researchers 
  • and more!

Please fill out the below form if you are interested in volunteering with us, and we will get back to you shortly.


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Testimonials from Volunteers

“I spent two weeks in January 2018 observing the work of Capoeira al-Shababi at Za’atari refugee camp, studying the relationship between movement technique, emotions and militarisation as part of a research project funded by the Academy of Finland. The capoeira classes provide a safe space to practice social skills and body awareness through such methods as mirroring, synchrony, peer support, touch and exploring the body’s capacities. I was impressed by the constant effort to develop the program as a community, comprised of trainers, facilitators, children, their teachers and parents. This means asking feedback and making decisions together, with everyone offered a voice to express their concerns and insights alike.”
Dr. Susanna Hast, University of the Arts, Theatre Academy Helsinki.
 Program Manager and Susanna in Za'atari Camp, District 8

Program Manager and Susanna in Za'atari Camp, District 8


Advocate & Fundraise

Here are some ideas for how you can help bringing more fun, laughter and play to youth living in hardship:


  • Fundraising Roda - host a roda in the name of Capoeira al-Shababi, and ask participants to donate to our cause. You can use this opportunity to share information about our projects and we can even schedule a Skype call from Jordan so you can hear directly from our local trainers on the ground!
  • If you're a capoeira player or school looking to support and spread the love of capoeira, host a Bateria Raffle fundraiser for us!
  • Donate a capoeira instrument from your capoeira school!
  • Set up your own campaign and fundraising page in our name and help us with donations! We will put your name, profile and story on our website as a big thank you!
  • Spread the word - contact us for resources and information about our projects, and help us spread the word among your community!


Sponsor a Project

Are you a student group, capoeira school, or just a big supporter or our work? Are you looking to use your passion and spread the love of capoeira to others less fortunate? Here you can sponsor a capoeira project of your own!

What you can offer:

A monthly donation (TBC depending on your available resources) and your enthusiasm, support and energy!

Here is what we offer:

We will implement the project in Jordan, and use our expertise and experience with vulnerable youth. We will give capoeira sessions for psychosocial support and wellbeing for vulnerable youth. We will send you a big thank you report every month, including media, data and stories. We will even invite you to visit the project here in Jordan, giving you the chance to meet the children or youth you are supporting! This is a fantastic way to support our efforts to empower youth and expand their horizons. 

Are you interested? Please contact us via the form below to learn more and start your own social project in Jordan!

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Partner with us


We are always looking for partners who share our vision to join us on our journey.

Whether you are looking to hold capoeira for psychosocial support activities in your community centres or schools around Jordan, or interested in having a capoeira session for staff team-building, or would like to support our organisation in other ways, please get in touch!